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What can I tell my child about the office visit?

What you tell your child about the evaluation depends on how much he or she can understand. Give a brief explanation to a problem that your child is familiar with such as, “difficulty with school”. Let your child know that you are trying to understand the difficulty and how to make things better. The office provides a very comfortable pediatric setting.

When I call for an appointment, what can I expect?

We are a pediatric neuroscience-neuropsychologyofficekids specializing in child development, brain-behavior, and learning. We look forward to your call and we will be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.   The following information is frequently addressed:

  • Who referred you to the office
  • Name and age of the child to be seen
  • Home/work/cell numbers of parents/guardian
  • Parents/Guardian and child should attend the initial appointment.  We ask that noother children attend
  • If your child is 8 years of age or younger, please bring another adult with you to accompany your child due to the length and detail of the initial appointment
  • Payment and insurance information (this office provides health statements/codes)

What’s involved in the initial consultation appointment?

The initial consultation is generally 1 ½-2 hours in length.  As we greet you and your child, the clerical staff will give you the following:

  • Registration/intake forms
  • Notice of privacy practices- protected health information in accordance with HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  • Acknowledgment of receipt of our office’s privacy practices
  • Financial and cancellation policies

When you meet with the neuropsychologist, the doctor will observe your child and ask questions to you and your child regarding Attention, Perception, Memory, Self-Direction, Speech, Language, Sensory, Motor, Mood, and Social abilities. The following is also discussed:

  • Your child’s symptoms that prompted your call for an appointment
  • Medical history
  • Educational history
  • Psychological/social history
  • Family history and child development history

Formal evaluation and treatment recommendations, as needed, are discussed at this appointment. You are given formal evaluation or treatment schedules as well as evaluation and treatment procedure codes for insurance purposes. 

What can I bring to the initial appointment?

Please bring copies of the following information with you, if available:

  • Pertinent medical records
  • Pertinent educational records (i.e. case study evaluation results, IEP-Individual Education Plan, classroom accommodation plan (504 Plan), school-based allied health progress reports, teacher reports)
  • Allied Health evaluation reports/progress reports (i.e. speech/language, OT- occupational therapy, PT- physical therapy, psychological/behavioral evaluations, counseling progress reports)
  • If  possible, please complete: Pediatric Neuropsychology History Questionnaire
  • If any other information is needed, formal releases of information can be signed so as to secure records

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