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The Neuroscience Reading Initiative

Bridging Brain-Science and Education

Mobilizing efforts on behalf of children, promoting the wisdom and efficacy of brain-behavior intervention regarding literacy development

Advances in Brain-Science research, clinical work, and technology have allowed us to view the brain “at work” showing how children learn to read and write.  The Neuroscience Reading Initiative brings fun, brain-based literacy/reading and writing readiness programs to children, their families, schools, and communities. 

Programs build upon brain processes needed to develop literacy.  Multiple pathways throughout the alert/attention brain, mood brain, memory brain, sensory-motor brain, auditory brain, visual brain, executive function/thinking brain all connect.  Developing these brain pathways are necessary steps toward helping children develop literacy and helping them become thinkers, planners, and doers.  Brain-based learning promotes success at home, school, and beyond.


21 Million Americans cannot read.  20% of adults read at or below the 5th grade level.  Children who have not developed basic literacy skills before they start 1st grade are 2-3 times more likely to drop out of school.  Our children are at risk.

Involve children in reading from their first days of life.  Talking with children about what is being read helps them to develop critical thinking and analysis and planning skills.  Play with language through story telling, puppet animation, song, and dance.

The Neuroscience Reading Initiative also coordinates efforts with the Neuropsychology C.H.I.L.D Foundation  (Child Health Initiative for Learning and Development) Non-Profit 501 (c)(3).  We offer the Foundation’s “Readers and Leaders” Program at this office.

Scheduling Information
Please contact the Center to schedule your child’s enrollment in the Neuroscience Reading Initiative Programs. Hour long individual or group sessions are available.  Programs are offered Monday-Friday and some Saturdays. 


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