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The Magic Years: Birth to 5 Years of Development

The magic years is a program offered through our Center’s Neuroscience Learning Initiative (NSLI).

Mobilizing efforts on behalf of young children and promoting the wisdom and efficacy of early intervention regarding child development and learning

Join us for brain development and learning programs based upon Brain-Science studies.  During this magical time of Birth – 5 years, your children are on a journey full of wonder and growth! Brain areas responsible for attention to stimuli from the world around them, sensory and motor development, speech and language development, memory, and emotion/social development undergo tremendous growth. 

Brain Development Programs help children develop skills necessary for this growth. Neuroscientists and child development specialists at our Center develop programs specific to your child’s needs.  We also discuss skills and materials for use at home.  Your children have fun while learning and develop their potential for success at home, school, and beyond.

  • Infant Programs focus upon the development of brain pathways related to alertness, multisensory attention, motor, and mood functions.  Calm, relaxed attention and mood aid movement, memory, and language.  Children move before they speak.  Movement produces vibration that results in sound and aids language development.  These are necessary steps toward the development of language.  All sensory brain pathways communicate with each other very strongly during the magic years and help children adapt to the environment. 
  • Toddler Programs focus upon the relationship among the multiple brain pathways that build upon Relaxed Alertness/Multisensory Attention, Sensory/Motor skills, Memory, Speech, Language, Mood, and Social Development.  Programs develop self-esteem, social skills, relationship skills, and the development of impulse control and regulated mood. 

Efficient development of multisensory brain pathways in young children also help to develop early age skills necessary for later academic and life success.

Scheduling Information
Please contact the Center to schedule your child’s enrollment in the Magic Years Program. Hour long individual or group sessions are available.  Programs are offered Monday-Friday and some Saturdays.


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