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Neuropsychology School and Education Collaboration

“ The time is now to forge strong alliances between brain science and education to work to inform best practices at home, school, and in the community” – Society for Neuroscience

An interdisciplinary approach regarding child development and learning is very important.  The Pediatric Neuropsychology Diagnostic and Treatment Center encourages school and education collaboration.  The office director of education services and the clinical education team are available to collaborate with education professionals.  They can discuss neuropsychological evaluation results that assess how your child learns and your child’s ability to adapt academically and socially within a school environment. Neuropsychological results also aide in specifying educational eligibility criteria, intervention, and support services for your child.

Consultation regarding your child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) and Classroom Accommodation Plan/Support Services (504 Plan) is available. Formal documentation promotes your child’s learning, potential, and success; helps prevent regression or poor recoupment of functions; and helps develop your child’s self sufficiency.

Neuroscience consultation and professional development workshops/conferences are  also available to school districts. We specialize in bringing current brain research regarding brain development and learning into the classroom: “From Brain Scan to Lesson Plan”. 


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