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Important Financial Information

The following information is for your benefit and may be quite helpful in dealing with insurance companies.

This is a Specialty Neuroscience Practice. Dr. Nowinski and Associates do not contract with insurance companies. Therefore, payment for services is due at the time the service is rendered. We provide you with a Health Bill that documents information required by insurance companies including evaluation and treatment codes. You can submit the Health Bill directly to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Please let us know if your insurance company requests any other information. We will be happy to provide information with signed Release of Information.

Helpful hints:

  • When speaking with the insurance company, please know that neuropsychology evaluation/treatment services relate to central nervous system/brain conditions. The services are provided using health codes.

  • If your insurance company does not contract with a Pediatric Neuropsychologist, you can apply for a network waiver. Be specific and request only a Pediatric Neuropsychologist. Pediatric Neuropsychology is the specialty that administers formal assessment of central nervous system/brain functions, specific to children under age 21.

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